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How to reach Pisa

  • by Plane: you can reach the Pisa Galileo Galilei International Airport with direct flights from many international and domestic locations. The airport is located 1.5km from the city centre. A shuttle train links Pisa Airport Station to Pisa Central Station in 5 minutes.

  • by Train: Pisa central train station (Pisa Centrale) is on the railway line connecting Rome and Genoa as well as on the line connecting Leghorn (Livorno) to Florence. You can check the Trenitalia time table.

How to reach the University Language Centre, Via S.Maria 36

When you arrive in Pisa by train, it is still about 1.5km from Pisa Centrale station to the University Language Centre in Via S. Maria 36. You can either walk or take the local bus. Here is a possible walking route, and information regarding the buses:


The most direct route from Pisa Centrale station is to head away from the station towards the big Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, then take Corso Italia, a pedestrianised shopping street which leads to the River Arno where you cross on the Ponte di Mezzo. Then follow Borgo Stretto which leads straight ahead from the bridge. Turn left into Via Dini and follow this to Piazza dei Cavalieri. Go through the square and head past the little church of San Rocco, down Via dei Mille and then left into Via Santa Maria..


The bus stop for buses to the Leaning Tower is directly across the road from the station, right in front of the Pisa Jolly Hotel. You can buy tickets at the kiosk in the station foyer. The bus you need is a LAM Rossa (rossa = red) bus. The Pisa LAM buses (LAM = Linea ad Alta Mobilità) are distinguished by colour instead of number, so look for the one that has the RED LAM sign on the front, although the Pisa buses themselves are usually orange. This bus stops very close to the Tower of Pisa (the bus stop is called 'Torre'). It takes about 10 minutes.


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