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Italian language courses

The intensive courses of Italian of the Summer School are planned according to the aims and objectives of the Common European Framework and are therefore divided into A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Students will be divided into groups by means of an entry test.

Compared to ordinary courses offered by the CLI during the academic year, intensive summer courses are characterized by some specific features:

• a reduced number of students, to favor individualized teaching and to cater for individual needs;

• an increased use of recreational activities in teaching;

• a special focus on communicative and pragmatic aspects and, as a consequence, an enhancement of all skills, especially oral, both receptive and productive;

• special attention to the cultural and local dimension, to encourage students to autonomously gain experience of the surrounding context;

• connection, introduction and/or reinforcement of activities, content and themes offered in other parts of the program (cultural seminars) to integrate the various components of the educational plan.

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