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Rossana Matteucci

Rossana Matteucci

Rossana Matteucci is a Collaboratrice ed esperta linguistica at the University of Pisa.  After graduating in Philosophy from the University of Pisa, she began to teach Italian, History and Pedagogy but teaching Italian as a foreign language soon became her passion.

She has taught in several academic institutions, both in Italy and abroad, including the University of Chicago.  She has worked at the Centro Linguistico (Language Centre) of the University of Pisa since 1995 where she currently teaches Italian Language courses and where she is also responsible for creating and elaborating Italian Language tests for non-European students resident abroad.

She has participated for several years in the organization and co-ordination of the “Chicago-Pisa Program”, an exchange programme between the Centro Linguistico and the University of Chicago and has held courses with colleagues on Tandem methodology.  She has also dealt with the professional development of teachers in Italy and abroad, especially Germany, Brazil and Argentina, and is currently involved in counselling and professional development for adults for the agency Performat of Pisa where she teaches the course “Linguistics for psycotherapists”, among other things.

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